Saturday, May 2, 2009

on following your dreams

I thought I'd try another sample reading using the Tarot of the Master.  This reading uses three cards as follows:

1. What is my dream?
2. What action do I need to take?
3. Where will it lead me?

What is my dream? Regina Di Denari (Queen of Coins)
Well, this is an interesting card to get in this position and I can read it in quite a few different ways. Astrologically, I link this card to the sign Capricorn. To me Capricorn represents striving towards goals, success, career, recognition, and the whole concept of climbing to the top of the mountain, being committed to reach the summit. The keyword on the card is wealth, which is interesting because that’s probably the one thing I don’t really dream of. Money never seems to be a factor for me when I’m considering my options, although, I do know that security is important to me, just not necessarily the need to be wealthy. I really love this Queen. The loom is in the background showing that she has been hard at work. She hold up the coin as if to say, ‘look what I have achieved through all my hard work’, as if it is indicative of the rewards for hard work. So maybe my dream is that all my hard work will pay off. Or that all the energy I have put in to my studies will lead to some kind of financial reward (ie. an income) and maybe even recognition of my abilities.

What action do I need to take? Il Matto (The Fool)
Another interesting card. Clearly the message for me here is that I need to actually begin something. Take that first step along the path. The keyword for this card is ‘madness’ which is amusing. I guess I need to act a bit ‘mad’ or a bit ‘crazy’ and perhaps take some risks. I think this is a sign for me that I need to accept that all my hard work and talent is meaningless if I just sit and do nothing with it, the Fool may be saying I need to pack up what I have and take it out to the world. The leopard in this card is quite a curious change from the normal cat or dog that accompanies the fool. I keep thinking of the leopard not being able to change his spots, and I wonder what this means for me? Perhaps by taking my stuff out to the world I often fear that I will compromise my values or beliefs and maybe the leopard is reminding me that I can do this and still be true to myself.
Where will it lead me? X Bastoni (Ten of Batons)

Well, the keyword here is ‘solidity’ which matches well to the Queen of Coins in the first position. It is important for me to have that solid, stable base. I really love this rendition of the Ten of Batons. The structure is there but the card has an almost magical feel, with all the creatures making a home for themselves on the crossed batons. It’s as if the card is telling me that once the structure is in place then I’ll have the freedom to really enjoy my life.

So, I guess the message for me is that my dream is to be appreciated, and recognised for my gifts/talents, and to be able to earn an income from them. The only way this can happen is if I actually take a risk and share what I have with the world. Once I do this I will gain stability in my life which will enable me to feel more joyful and free.