about this blog

I originally started this blog back in 2009 as part of an on-line study group which, needless to say, didn't last all that long. I've decided to start again now with a rather different focus.

I should explain the name of this blog......'on becoming interesting'. Several years ago, after a long and reasonably fruitless search for the meaning of life, and more specifically the meaning of MY life, I had a bit of a revelation....well, for me anyway. I always thought I needed to be something or do something but couldn't work out what it was. Then it dawned on me....I simply wanted to be an interesting person! Since then this philosophy has motivated my decision making and has given me a great sense of personal freedom.

This blog is simply my random reflections on things that take my fancy and hopefully the things that will allow me to become an 'interesting person', whatever that might mean.

The background image on this blog is The Star card from the Ancient Italian Tarot deck.
It has been used with permission from publisher Lo Scarabeo whose website can be explored at http://www.loscarabeo.com

You can read my review of the deck here.