Tuesday, October 23, 2012

on stepping into a wonderland

Well, it has certainly been awhile since I've posted here.  I've taken an extended break from tarot but am hoping to get back into things.  What I've found interesting in having time away is how good it is to return with fresh eyes.  I had been working with tarot for about 12 years and on reflection I think I'd burnt out.  I needed to have some time away to think of other things.  I've just finished working on a very practical project for the last six months, far different to the world of tarot.  Before I took a break I was very muddled in my thinking, rushing this way and that, working with one system after another and never really settling on anything.  Collecting decks seemed to have taken over from actually using them.

On my return the deck I have most enjoyed is the Nigel Jackon Medieval Enchantment.  I've always loved this deck but now it seems like it's the perfect match for my 'tarot worldview'.  I'm hoping to use this deck to explore some of my ideas and post my thoughts here as I go.

I drew the Eight of Cups this morning and I absolutely love the image.  It definitely has that sense of starting off on a journey, to somewhere new and different to what I'm used to.  This card reflects how I feel about the deck as a whole actually, it's like stepping into a magical wonderland and relishing the thought of getting lost in it.  Time to start exploring!